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I have watched a film (Equals) and a series (Brave New World) recently and they are both about very similar topics. In these dystopian futures, people live without emotions. Sometimes they suppress their emotions by taking pills, sometimes they declare it a virus if someone has any emotions surfacing and treat it with a vaccine. While watching the film and the series, the sterility, the robot-ness, the neutrality of the worlds was palpable. These people had everything, yet they had nothing. Spoiler alert! Both stories ended up with the conclusion though that these situations are not ideal, because ultimately it is the default state of human beings to want to feel things – both good and bad.

And I was inspired to write an article on this subject. Because although this state is portrayed in the film and the series as a distant future, it can be projected onto the present. Not as much as it is shown on the screen, of course, but there is a taste of it now as well.

What I mean, is that there are a lot of people living on Earth who, although they are not aware of it, do not feel any real emotions or feelings. Or at least, they do not feel them in their fullness. In such cases, people often constantly struggle with negative emotions, but when they have a reason to feel something positive, it does not really come through.

One of my coaching clients once asked me why it is that when something specifically good happens to him, he still can’t be happy about it.


The answer to this may of course vary from person to person, but basically the heart chakra is somehow blocked. And because the energy does not flow properly through it when it is blocked, the feeling of joy, for example, cannot really manifest. The next question is, of course, okay, but what caused the blockage? Here again, there are many options. It could be that you were brought up as a child not to feel, not to express your feelings, because you didn’t get a positive response to it from your environment. So, you closed your heart chakra so that you would not feel, as no one cares about it anyways. It is also possible that at some point in your life, you have been traumatised to the extent that you have turned off the emotional tap in your life completely. If I shut it, it doesn’t hurt, one might have thought; consciously or unconsciously.

Closing the heart chakra, or keeping it closed in a more than healthy state, is a good tactic to keep the negative feelings and emotions from being felt as much. However, there is one big problem with all of this. It is that in this state you will not feel the positive things either.

That’s how it can happen that one cannot feel joy. Cannot feel real, deep love (neither to give nor to receive). And the list goes on.


First and most important step, self-reflection


Assessing whether you can feel, experience, express and receive real positive emotions. Are you satisfied with what you receive from your environment, for example? After all, your environment is your mirror. If you don’t think they can give you as much positive emotion as you would like, then it probably means that you would not be able to receive more, at a higher quality, at the moment. If you want to improve on this, then the next step is to take it to the next level.


You need to discover when you closed off your emotions from yourself and from the world


Is this how you grew up? Or was there some strong one-time influence in your life that resulted in this? Once you have the answer to this, you can start working with this event, this blockage. By unblocking this you can move closer to feeling your own emotions and feelings more deeply.

It’s very important to point out here that we’re not talking about a two-position switch, which we’re going to change from off to on.

After all, your soul would not be able to cope with switching instantly from feeling the emotions at 40% to 100% from Monday to Tuesday. That would result in a very deep emotional crash. Because when you start to raise this 40%, you will start to see your life in a completely different light, everything you have done – with yourself and with others. You may recognise things you did wrong in the past and feel guilty about it. You have to work with that too. You have to accept it and dissolve it. And if all these realizations were to open up to your soul at the same time, it would be unbearable.


Opening up your emotions is a process


It’s worth working on it step by step, having some “digestion” periods. At each step, examine what new areas you have discovered that you would also like to explore further. That way it will be complete, coherent, comprehensive. This way you will be able to achieve a result at each step that you will not go backwards from. Only forward, steadily and securely.


You can also help this process in the meantime


Since you are actually working on your heart chakra when it comes to emotions, it can be a good idea to use other tools if you feel like it. For example, you can use any pink or green minerals, as these are the colours of the heart chakra. Wear them on yourself, as a pendant directly on your chest or wherever you feel comfortable. Carry them in your bag, keep them close to you during the day.

When time allows, place your hand in the centre of your chest, where your heart chakra is located, and ask the universe to help you heal it through the energy flowing out of your palm. From time to time, consciously “look at” your heart chakra, make a connection with it. Feel its location on the front and back of your chest, breathing through it. Get to know it like a new friend. Or rather as a long-lost dear friend 🙂

As you meditate, imagine the pink or green energy moving through your heart chakra in the front and in the back as well, helping you to open it to the maximum of what is healthy for you now.

And if you feel that these exercises above are not yet working for you, ask an experienced facilitator for help.


Supporting progress, from more than one angle


This is what I believe. That any topic you want to work on should be supported from more than one angle. Talk about it to bring it to the conscious level. Find the real root of the problem, as it is the key to everything. Resolve this root cause in order to make a real difference. In the meantime, it is also worthwhile to take advantage of other supportive opportunities that you feel close to you and that help your process and progress.

And if you really want to make a difference, nothing can stand in your way!



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