I am Dóri Padla, the founder and creator of HCT® – Holistic Coaching Therapy.

After graduating as an economist, I worked for multinational companies for years, and then came a moment in my life when I realized that this is not what I really wanted to do. During those years in the corporate world I was constantly working on people development and I decided that I wanted to do it full time, that this was what I wanted to do as my vocation.

At the same time, I had been working for several years on my own personal development, mainly with alternative, spiritual techniques and therapies. I have tried and experienced many different methods, I have experienced on my own skin to what extent each of them dissolves the different blockages inside me. I also began to understand in what combinations I should use these methods to achieve the greatest effectiveness and results. While I was improving myself, I also started to learn the different techniques.

When I then dove into learning coaching on a course, I was already constantly thinking about how to combine alternative and coaching methods to help you, the clients in the most effective way. After a while, the picture began to form in my head and the HCT® – Holistic Coaching Therapy method was born.

In addition to being an effective and result-oriented combination of different exploratory, resolving and unblocking methods, another important part of HCT® is that it is dynamic. This means that there is not a fixed, unchangeable sequence of the sessions, but it is always tailored to your needs which method is used on a given day. The most important to me is that after each HCT® session, you feel that you have made progress on the issues you have brought, that you have moved that big rock out of your way, and now you are no longer hindered in your ability to move forward even on your own.

HCT® is an officially registered trademark in the European Union and in the United States of America, in Canada the registration is in progress.

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