The King of Flirting – 2nd part

In the first part of the article I wrote about how you can recognize the Kings of Flirting and what typical female reactions can happen […]

The King of Flirting

I have already written in previous articles about those different negative behaviors of men that I have encountered with. Such were the ‘floater’, the appearing-disappearing, […]

If the past pulls you back

We carry so much pain with us. The weight of difficult situations we have experienced in the past, the mental and emotional injuries we have […]

As a grown-up becoming an Adult

Every child grows up once. This is an unmistakable fact. The other question, however, is whether the grown-up child will actually become an Adult in […]

A real-life interesting chat talk…

This real life chat talk has actually been experienced by me personally. Despite being a very short conversation, it made me think… Raise your hand […]

Experiences of a Speed Dating

I have heard a lot about Speed Dating, all types of opinions. It depends on a lot of factors how a participant perceives such an […]

One-night-stand with the Tinder

Many people are looking for their partner, but they have difficulties finding them. In the today’s modern world there are many online opportunities for finding […]

Emotional energy self-service

Some time ago, while having a chat with one of my friends, I encountered with this expression: emotional energy self-service. What does it mean for […]

Saturn rules, time of the retreat

Retreat. It is not advisable to do anything else, even though we would like to. Saturn rules. Whether we like it or not, it doesn’t […]

Manly women, womanly men

It is very interesting that there are so many cases out there that a woman is behaving in a masculine way and the men are […]

When the Man throws a bone…

Gentlemen out there, this is for you now, after my last article for the Ladies.  In the past days, weeks, months, I encountered with so […]

Starving for crumbs of attention

This for you Ladies out there, who are living a life in which you do not get the well-deserved attention from the men around you. […]

On the ocean of emotions

Somehow it never seems to go out of fashion. Too much or too little. Either you cannot control what bursts out; or nothing comes out, […]

Growing up un-loved

It is a difficult situation. To grow up while not getting love, or at least not the way you would need it. Or maybe your […]

Start the new year cleansed

Today, on the last day of the year it is worth consciously let go of the hardships of the past year and start the new […]

The controlling people of our lives

You can meet controlling people in many areas of your life. In your romantic relationship, at your workplace, in your family. Sometimes it can be […]

As a wolf in a relationship

I saw a beautiful picture. A wolf among the Native Americans. Sometime long ago. She was with the people voluntarily. She voluntarily decided to go […]

Expectations, that we should let go of

Expectations, or we can also say, ideas. In connection with someone or something. We don’t necessarily consciously expect those certain things to turn out the […]

Meditation – the way I do it

The very first time I encountered with meditation was on a spiritual course – if I am not mistaken. It was a guided meditation. I […]

Narcissistic…? OMG…

When you hear the word narcissistic, you might see a self-obsessed, arrogant person in front of you who tends to step over others for their […]