4+1 coaching places, from the traditional to the extraordinary

In the world of today the concept of coaching is more and more known by all, no doubt. Many people reach out for a coach in case they feel they are stuck with a topic in their lives. But where can you have and where is it worth having a coaching session?

My rule is that there is no rule.

Any kind of place is good for a session, where the coach and the coachee can pay attention to each other, where the focus can be there in some form. And then, the limit is only our imagination.

Besides myself having my own well-working coaching places, I also did some research on how other coaches do it.

Let’s see some options then!

1. The office


In case of a business coaching it seems pretty straight forward to have the session in the office itself. It can be in the solitary of a meeting room or a quiet corner of a social area as well.

What I like to do in office environment is to “drag the coachee out of their natural habitat” and move them out of their habits with this already. I have already done coaching sessions in office restaurants, in coffee shops, in the garden of the office, in the nearby park sitting on a bench under the trees, while birds were chirping.

The question can of course come to your mind about how effective these sessions can be, as these are not necessarily places where only the two of us are present. I believe that a good coach even in such places can create that bubble, with their undivided attention that actually closes out the outside disturbing factors. Based on my own experience, it really does work.

If you, as coachee, like the more easy-going places, I definitely advice you to choose a place out of the ordinary meeting room, even just right next to the office. It can help you to open up even easier and have a more successful coaching session.

2. The coaching room


They are those venues, which are furbished particularly for coaching sessions. Comfy (arm)chairs, nice decoration, quiet rooms, intimate spaces. I include in this category the coaches’ “offices”, where they can conduct sessions at any time and also those coaching rooms which are rented by the occasion.

The advantage of this is naturally that you are not being disturbed, designated decoration and atmosphere. In case it is the coach’s own place, they also have the opportunity to have those materials, accessories at hand that they can suddenly need at any point during a session.

In case you like being completely undisturbed while talking about your issue with you coach, you are better of asking to have your session in such places.

3. Close-to-nature places


I mean here the coaching sessions done under the open sky, far away from any offices, rooms. This is a real connection to the nature as well, while you are solving your inside issues with the help of the coach.

I really like to combine the different levels of solutions. Bring a twist into the traditions, which reinforces the work of the soul, mind and emotions. For me it means having a coaching session out in the nature.

For this you don’t necessarily need to go for a retreat place, far away from home. My favourite scene in Budapest – the big city – is on the Népsziget. It is the place called Kabin and its surroundings.


During the day the Kabin itself is a relatively quiet and calm place, you can even have the coaching session right there, by the tables, with a great background soft music. From late afternoon onwards, I prefer moving to the water-side, with my picnic blanket, cosily sitting around (even with a Kabin lemonade in our hands) and in the meantime talking about the coachee’s issues. The bank of the Danube has seen various effective coaching sessions over there 🙂

Talking about combining the levels of solutions, I find it a really good idea to mix the coaching with some kind of physical activity, done outside. It can even only be a walk, but also a more serious workout, which still gives the opportunity for the coachee to think, investigate, talk.

If you like to be close to the nature, if you like the chirping of the birds, the shadow of the trees, if you feel that this is what soothes you, feel free to ask your coach to meet at such a place. I am sure that it will help you a lot!

4. Art places


A while ago I had an interview with Dóra Svéda, the founder of Coachingcentrum (in Hungarian), who is also the inventor of the Art Coaching. This method fantastically combines the traditional coaching with the artisctic work. In the Art Coaching the coachee open up regarding his/her issue while doing some artistic crafting work. Which can have fantastic results in digging deeper in some topics.

I did my research in this topic and what I found also caught my attention.

Museum coaching


The coach and the coachee go for example to the Museum of Fine Arts and by walking around there they go deeper into the given topic through associations of the paintings. The associations have a huge potential, through which a good coach can help a lot for the client.

In case you are an art addict, if you like nice paintings, artifacts, or maybe you tend to be attracted by them I definitely recommend you this method, as you will be able to solve your issues through them a lot easier.

+1, just for joke 🙂


Pub Coaching: Im Vino Veritas. The alcohol definitely helps you ease up and get rid of your blocks for a while, opens up the heart, makes even those people talk who do not talk that much normally. These are the pros. But I would of course be very cautious with this, wouldn’t necessarily use this method as a professional coach. The alcohol clouds the judgement and thoughts even after just a small quantity, which then – as you can imagine – does not necessarily help to move things to the right direction. Nevertheless, it sounds like a funny expression, the Pub Coaching 🙂

The essence of it all

If you decide to go to a coaching session, it is also worth thinking about the place where you would like to have it. Which are those places where you feel freed-up. Where can you really open up for your coach. If you have these places, ask your coach to have your session there and enjoy 🙂 ¤

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