Meditation – the way I do it

The very first time I encountered with meditation was on a spiritual course – if I am not mistaken. It was a guided meditation. I had to sit in lotus sitting (haha, sure, I was glad if I can do the cross-legged sitting without any major pain), be very transcendent amongst 10 other people (ahham, of course), close out the outside world (how?), calm my mind (yep, sure), focus on the inside (on my lungs? or my liver? or what?) and let the images come (the what? it was maximum the tension coming that I cannot do this whole thing, not the images).

This is where I started. Then more courses, more “mandatory” meditations there. I remember when on such an occasion I could reach the meditative state for the first time. According to the guiding we needed to chase some balloons and sort them out. I could give myself over to that pretty well. When we got to the end of it, and we were supposed to arrive back where we started, I didn’t really want to. It was so good being in that state of mind. It was pleasantly surrounding me as a huge, soft duvet, protecting me and spreading tranquillity. Of course, I arrived back from it together with the experience of what a real meditative state is like.


After this, I started to meditate by myself at home as well. I decided to be brave and not to do guided mediation. Only music on, sitting down on my meditation cushion, incense stick lit, candle lit. At that time, I was advised to imagine in the meditation that I am reading in my own library. All righty, after the preparation I closed my eyes, focus on the breathing, imagining the library. It was nice, it even had bookshelves and books on them. I was eagerly reading them. Or actually, I would have been reading them, if they had had anything in them apart from the blank pages… Ok, no probs, the letters will arrive and the images too. If I remember correctly, I was reading the completely empty books for 2-3 months (isshenormal?). When once, things started to appear in them. Yayyy, magiiic! 🙂 After this, slowly and occasionally things started to appear, images, feelings, thoughts, moods. Later, I started to do meditation outside of the library as well, cleaning my energy system, harmonising my chakras or doing anything that came into my mind that could be useful for me. 

Nowadays, when I sit down to meditate, I feel like a new person when I finish it. It calms me down, cleanses me, recharges my energy and harmonises me. It happened various times, that after experiencing something negative in my life the meditation helped me processing, understanding and cleansing it.


Recently, people around me started to ask me to deliver guided meditation for them. I thought, why not, things are working with more people around as well. Even better, actually. More people, more energy you can work with. The very first guided meditation I delivered was a great experience for me. I would have never thought that I would ever do this. The attendees also liked it and we did some further occasions. I always had a specific topic of the session, whatever came to my mind that could be useful for the participants. We did meditation for letting go unwanted things, self-confidence, accepting love, the balance of giving and receiving, chakra harmonisation and other things. One of the biggest feedbacks for me was when a friend of mine, for her upcoming birthday, asked from me as a birthday present to have a meditation with me. It seems that the people around me also started to feel the fantastic effects of the meditations 🙂

What I find important about meditation:

Start to meditate, it is indeed worth it!

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