Will this year not even end next year?

Honestly, it really seems it will not. Or at least not immediately. It is needless to say that the year 2020 brought many challenges for everyone. None of us were preparing for this, that’s for sure. We have experienced something that came out of the blue. If we only deal with the mental health side of the things, we also had a huge pile of burden we needed to carry around. We were forced to realise things about our life, which we didn’t see before. Many things surfaced, which were in dormant mode before. We needed to let go previous routines, habits. We needed to adapt to something, about which we didn’t really know anything.

It is worth to think it through what were those things that this year brought up for you in your soul? What did you have to fight the biggest battle with? What was the most difficult? How did you react to these things? If you dig deeper into these reactions, where do the primary emotions come from? These are the ones you need to deal with.


If you were in panic, you might have some work to do with your sense of safety and insecurity. If you ended up in raging resistance to things, you most probably need to think about your attitude towards boundaries, limits. If you lost the way and goal in your life, your topic is how much you believe in yourself. If you were stuck in your old habits and could not change easily to something new, you should work on your flexibility.

It is difficult to see these things alone, however, not impossible. Nevertheless, if you feel that all these things buried you this year, it can be a good idea to visit a professional helper. Someone, who – based on your own belief system – can help you clearing the picture and getting out from under the things that buried you. In the Holistic Coaching Therapy, I work with many various methods and tools at the same time, however other people need other things.

The most important is for you to find that method, that professional helper, who can help you the best way in the difficult times of your life.

An outside set of eyes many times can see our life with such a viewpoint, that we, ourselves, are not able to – due to our emotional involvement. This can help us find such ways of solutions, that wouldn’t have come to our mind on our own.

Many people have been affected by all the difficulties. But nothing is lost. It is never too late to work on our problems, issues! Even a friendly talk, a good book can help a lot. Start it your own way! The most important is to do something for yourself and advance continuously on your own path, being more and more conscious about your life tasks.


At this time of the year, towards the end and the start of the year, it is worth sitting down a bit and thinking through the past 12 months. Which were those things I struggled with, which were the ones I could solve successfully and which are the ones remaining on my list? Besides these, it is also a good idea to collect a list of good things that happened to you this year. And yes, even in this crazy 2020 I am sure that all of you had some positive things in your life. You do not have to think about huge ones. All small things matter. But in order to be able to see your life in a realistic way, you need to take also these into consideration. Whatever your focus is on in your life, that comes to the foreground. If we always have negative things in our mind, those will be the ones we notice first.

If we turn our focus to the good things (as well), that will get more emphasis.

This is something that we can control and can help us a lot in our daily life. If someone would like to dig deeper into the year-evaluation, I recommend to fill out the YearCompass booklet, which serves exactly this purpose.


As per the next year, I hope that in 2021 the year will open again and the intensity of 2020 will decrease. However, this is not in our control, we can only adjust ourself to the current situations. Still, it is worth thinking about what your own, personal goals are. World-circumstances aside. What are those things, that you can succeed in, despite the worst circumstances? Which are the ones that you can do in case the outside situation is one level better? Have more versions, so that you can apply the one that is most relevant.

In 2021 which are those burdens of your soul that you want to solve and leave behind? Which are the ones, that so far you were carrying around in your life, but now you decide that enough is enough and you want to solve them instead of suffering from them?

Make plans, make decisions and take actions! For you own good – as only you can help yourself! It will all be the same in 2021 as well.

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