Holistic Coaching Therapy – the method by Dóri Padla

Many people ask from me what methods I am exactly working with when having a session with someone. Then I start to talk about some of the options I have in my “bucket” in order to help people with their issues in their life.

But so far I didn’t have any specific unique name for all those things I use during a particular session. It is because there hasn’t been any, actually. This complex method is something that I use on a regular basis, however it had no name.

So I decided to give it one.

I named it the Holistic Coaching Therapy (HCT) Method by Dóri Padla.


What is HCT and how is it different from other methods?


I believe and I have experienced myself that life is a lot more than we can percieve at first sight. We cannot focus on only one aspect of an issue, because it is in connection with so much more. The unity of the body, mind and the soul.

Maybe your problem is that you cannot sleep well, but the root cause is not simply the noise that comes from the street at night. We need to dig deeper. This is the sympthom but what causes it in your body, mind and soul?

There is always a deeper reason. If we don’t find that reason and solve that issue, it will never be solved profoundly and for good.

When I say that my method is holistic, for me it means that I am always going at least one step further into the “why”. The speed and depth always depends on my client, how much they can take at that particular moment in order to face and solve the deeper issue and internalise the solution. It varies case by case but the ultimate solution will surface eventually.


The coaching, as a method works with questions; starts from the present and aims the future. This means that in case of a client’s issue the coaching process grabs it where it is at this very moment and investigates in the present. Coaching does not necessarily dig deeper into the “why”-s of the past, but its approach is to change this particular issue for the better in the future. Where would you like to get, how will you get there? Basic coaching questions.

In my method coaching definitely has its place. With well-aimed questions the situation can be understood deeper, more background information can be brought out to the light and can help the client to find a solution.

For me the coaching technique is like going to the hall of the issue, where there are several doors and behind them you can find other pieces of information about the given situation. The client comes to me having for example one door open and we – together – open up the other doors as well to see what is beind.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary the definition of the therapy is:

“A treatment that helps someone feel better, grow stronger.”

In the MacMillan Dictionary the following can be found:

“Therapy is an activity that makes you feel happy or that helps you to deal with your problems.”

These two definitions exactly cover what I mean by the type of therapy I do.

I help people to solve their problems, through which they can feel better. It all happens actually by themselves solving their own issues with my support. I can help in realising what is going sideways, but the solution is always the client’s own responsibility.

What makes the therapy part different from the coaching one, is that in therapy we talk about the past, what happened earlier in their life. Many times we need to see the patterns that they brought from home and then also what they themselves experienced afterwards. Up until the day of today. By understanding and easing the pain of the past, we have a better chance to cope with whatever comes to our life in the present.

In the therapy part of my method I use alternative tools. This can be an astrology analysis, an energy treatment, a visualisation, meditation session or other kind of blockage removal technique. I see it day by day that there are many aspects of our issues which can be better understood and solved by using these alternative solutions. However, whether any of these are indeed used on a session of mine, always depends on the person sitting in front of me – whether or not they would like to have this extra insight.

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Holistic Coaching Therapy Method – The summary

If you get to a point in your life, that you cannot stand anymore what is happening to you, you can feel the urge even more to decide to make a change. It only depends on you. And also, you can only change, if you really decide, if you put real energy into it.

If you are there already, with my HCT Method you can make sure that you can get to understand the root cause of your hardship, the past, the present and also the wider reasons. These all help you to find the solution for your future, to get rid of the unwanted difficulties of your life in a really complex way.

Looking forward to having an HCT session with you 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. ¤

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