Experiences of a Speed Dating

I have heard a lot about Speed Dating, all types of opinions. It depends on a lot of factors how a participant perceives such an occasion. The own past relationship experiences, the own openness, the own wishes, the people attending – all of these form the personal filter for the individual’s experience. Therefore, I decided to go and check it through my own personal filter – given that I am already in the experiencing-phase myself 🙂

I booked my attendance for the relevant age group and waited for the big day to come. In the meantime, I was thinking about what opportunities I might have there, as I am being closer to the higher end of my age group. I need to say, that it was not a problem after all.

On the day of the event I arrived to the place, they registered us, women, and each of us got a table to sit down by. At the same time, they were registering the gentlemen as well in another corner of the café and the start time arrived. Together with the 9 ladies we could all talk to 10 gentlemen that day, there were 7-minute rounds, as soon as it was over, the bell rang and they sat to the next table.

I wouldn’t really say, that I remember now all of the 10 participants’ sentences one by one, despite the focused attention being very well practiced by me as a coach.

Everything happened very quickly, but these 7 minutes were just enough to find out if I am interested in someone or not.

As the organisers also said in the beginning, here it is not the point to decide whether we would like to marry someone after knowing them for 7 minutes. The basis of the decision – whether to give the particular person a like or a dislike – was whether I would like to continue the chat with that person. All the attendees had the chance to register these choices on their small piece of paper – strictly in a secretive way, not to allow anyone else to see it. It is fair this way.

But well, by now I am sure that you are also interested in how the 10 dating partners were. I have to say that it was a good surprise. As I felt, everyone was indeed looking for a partner for a relationship, they were serious about it. This is quite a good start. And besides this, it is a very subjective thing that who likes whom, who imagines what, of course.

Through my own filter, despite that fact that all the gentlemen were really normal people, average in the good sense, I still met some with whom this small amount of time was just enough. For example, when in the very first minute it happens that the dear gentleman tells the woman what questions should be asked instead of the ones she asked, that is not a good omen. Thank you, but no thank you 🙂 To be honest, this was only an out-of-place experience.

All in all, it was great to see that these men, sometimes despite their biggest fears, came to this event, they gave out a little piece from themselves and they did a step for finding a partner.

Most of them were really nice dating partners. This of course didn’t mean, that I gave a like to all of them. In these 7 minutes you can find out about the other – at least up to a certain point – what their point of view of life is, what their attitude is towards finding a partner. Can he catch my attention? Is he interested in me as a person?

Besides these, what was also important to me to see what types of energies we are having between us. This is something more difficult to write down. The feeling of “well, with him I would be happy to continue the chat, what a pity that the bell rang”. This is what I was looking for.

If you are also looking for your partner, I believe that this can also be a good platform to try. What can you lose anyways? Actually nothing.

You go there, try it how it is to get to know people this quickly and you leave with the experience in your pocket. You can never know where you are going to find the partner of your life, maybe it will give you a pleasant surprise.

As opposed to the online dating and never-ending chatting, here at least you can meet the gentlemen right away. You can get to know, see and feel a lot of things in person that you cannot really have in the virtual world.

Ladies, who are looking for your partner! Put on your dating shoes!

And if you have any interesting dating stories that you would share with me and with the readers of this blog, tell us about them in a comment or send me an e-mail 😉

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