If the past pulls you back

We carry so much pain with us. The weight of difficult situations we have experienced in the past, the mental and emotional injuries we have suffered, and the events destroying our hearts are on our shoulders. And we are just moving forward on our way, not even noticing that it’s getting harder and harder to move step by step. We are already so much used to the many extra burdens that we don’t even notice how much it hinders us. To counter the difficult situations of the past, we look for “workarounds” to avoid them in the future. With this we would like to ensure not to ever have to relive that feeling or experience.

However, searching for workarounds consumes a lot of extra energy of ours. It’s getting harder and harder to get ahead anyway, and we make our own journey even more winding this way.

Because we think that then we will not be affected by more shocks, it will not hurt. It doesn’t matter if the road is longer, but it will definitely be smoother. Then there are more and more of these workarounds, we almost no longer know where our own way is, as we go from one to another. We limit ourselves because we think we will be safe. However, this is just a fake feeling of security.

The reality is that we make our own lives more difficult. No one would have to carry this much burden all the time, nor would it be necessary to live by the workarounds all the time. But for that not to be the case, we have to look deep into ourselves.

alessio-lin-C6xuCzQEFB4-unsplashWhat was the experience of the past that still hurts to this day?

What is the feeling I never want to feel again?

What is the situation into which I never want to get again?

Which wound of injury of my soul is still not cured?

It is likely that as a result of these of above, you have already very skilfully built your workarounds. Think about it. What unnecessary paths do you take to avoid these?

There is a more practical way instead of the avoidance, it just doesn’t necessarily seem simpler at first. These past situations and injuries must be resolved and dissolved.

Yes, it can be difficult. Yes, it can involve a lot of internal work. Yes, people can get out of your life as part of the healing process. Yes, you may feel even worse temporarily. That’s the price of facing your issues. But without facing them, there is no healing. Without facing them, the burden is still on your shoulders and you walk on your winding path together with it through the workarounds. This path is significantly longer and, in fact, more difficult overall than it should be. You’re just used to it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


If you can face these problems, solve the blocks that were created there, you will no longer be pulled back by the past. These burdens are removed from your shoulders, and your true straight path becomes clearer. You will be able to proceed on it easily, freely and with a lot less obstacles. You will be able to feel a sense of liberation, of relief. You can be full of energy – again, or maybe for the first time in your life. Believe me, it is worth it!

The question may rightly be, “Okay, but how do I get started?”. A professional person for example, can help a lot in this. After all, this is our task as helpers to support you in the facing of your issues, in the resolution and dissolution. But if you feel like you’re not ready for this step yet and would rather start working on your topics alone, there are a number of ways to do it. I will share with you the exercise that has now come to my mind about this subject while writing this article. Ask yourself the four questions mentioned earlier. Have a piece of paper and write down your answers to each one. You may not have to think much, just pay attention to what the first thoughts are that come to your mind when you read the questions.

Trust your first thoughts. Write them down. What can you lose?

You are just writing this list for yourself anyway. If you feel you are done, read through them again. If you like, group them by topic. From this, you can see in which area of ​​your life you are carrying the most burdens of the past. You can also have the most workaround solutions in this area. Think about what these workarounds are that you use. Awareness is already half of the victory!


Once you have the first half of the exercise done, you can start the next part. With your eyes closed, imagine your path in front of you that we have talked about so far, and see these winding workaround detours to the right and left of your road. Meanwhile, feel the weight of the burdens of the past you carry, what you wrote down in the first part of the exercise. You can perceive these, for example, as bags or sacks on your back which push you down while walking. You can perceive them in a completely different way, it is all right to see it your own way. The point is to feel what they are doing to you. The weights pushing you down and the workarounds diverting you from your path.


As a final step, declare that you are putting down these burdens. See how your whole body clears out, these past blocks dissolve and disappear without a trace. Declare that you will go boldly on your own path without detours. See this in your picture as well. Feel your back straightening, feel that you are released and relieved. Feel and see the detours disappearing along your path and see in front of you your own bright path on which you can easily move forward. Taste this feeling. Maybe you have never felt this way, carrying the burdens along for so long. Embrace this new energy and let it accompany you and help you on your journey from now on.

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