Rising Through Resilience: Savio P. Clemente’s interview with Dóri Padla On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times

Recently I had the pleasure of talking about my thoughts on the topic of resilience with Savio P. Clemente, in an interview he did with me. Savio is a wellness coach, podcaster and writer, founder of The Human Resolve LLC, living in Westchester County, New York, US.

Below, you can read the the interview, published in the Authority Magazine.

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Rising Through Resilience: Dóri Padla On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times

An Interview With Savio P. Clemente

Padla Dóri

Be aware of your improvement and be proud of yourself! Celebrating the successes, or even being aware of them is something that can easily be missed in this fast-paced world. Make sure that you are aware of how far you have got in building your resilience. Think about those adversities, in connection to which you are already resilient and compare the ‘now’ to your past experiences. Feel how much better you are now in this and be proud of yourself. If it helps, you can keep track of these situations in a written format for yourself, so that if you get into a hard situation again, you can read them and gain energy from them!



The interview was published in the Authority Magazine by Savio P. Clemente.

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