5 ways how visualisation can help you during a coaching session

On a coaching session many techniques can be and are worth to be used, which help solving the actual topic of the coachee. Of course, it is always the personality and the issue of the client that determines the methods to be applied, however one of my favourites is the visualisation.

I summarised my reasons in 5 points for you, why it is so.


1. The issue or situation can be observed from outside.


In professional terminology it is called dissociation. When you imagine the situation, then step out of it and look at it from the outside, like watiching a movie or looking at a photo. It helps us putting aside our own emotional involvement and from a neutral perspective be able to discover such things that by being clouded by our emotions we would not be able to see. In these cases we are able to talk about ourselves as he/she and we can also evaluate the given situation impartially.


2. Such information can pop up into our mind that help us overcome the hardships.


These pieces of information can come even during a normal coaching conversation, however during a visualisation we can get into a lot more open state of mind, which helps a lot for the useful messages and thoughts to flow. It can be imagined as a door, which is normally slightly open, however during a visualisation it can be wide open. And through this wide-opened door obviously we can receive a lot more information then through the partially opened.


3. We have the chance to settle a situation with a problematic person.


Of course, this third person is not present phisically on the session during the visualisation. Still, if we imagine talking to them about the topic, most of the times already in this state the tension between the two people is at least somewhat dissolved. It is a very useful method, if in the real life you cannot get to an agreement with the other person, or you do not have the opportunity to talk to them. And yes, you can visualise the conversation even with those people who have already passed away. If you keep feeling tension regarding people who are gone already, it still needs to be solved and dissolved as anything else.


4. We can call in the desired things and opportunities into our lives.

david-monje-isbRhHh8Nkw-unsplash (1)

We all have lots of desires in life. However, if we bump into barriers day after day, it is very difficult to keep the positive mindset that it will really come true. This is when visualisation can help a lot. Stepping out of the daily crazyness of life, we can tune on the desired event, thing which after this will find its way to us a lot easier. It is also possible here to notice the ways we are preventing our own selves from making these things real or letting them become real. When these come up to the conscious level of our mind, we already have the chance to solve them. This is also one of the steps of having our desire become real.


5. We can reshape the situation the way we want.


Here I mean any events that happened in the past or are with us in our present. As per the past ones, it is obvious that they happened the way they happened. But if the ending of it was unfavourable for us, thus we feel uncomfortable, tense, we can change that in the visualisation as per our wish. This can lead us to decreasing our inner pains, to letting go. As per the present cases, we can tune on a more positive experiencing, on the understanding of others, on shaping the situation for the better. All these can help us overcoming the obstacles easier and to be able to change our harmful negative thinking behaviours.


At many places it is advised that we only need to imagine what we would like to have in our life. But it is not always so easy-peasy. During the holistic coaching, with the guidance of the coach you can do this in a lot more focused and effective manner and at the same time you can get to know those root causes with which we are preventing ourselves in moving forward in our life.

If you feel that you have things in your life that you would like to change, but for some reason you are not suceeding alone, I definitely advise you this method. ¤


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