What are all these changes around us?

The question is great and fair. Everything changes around us, things are upside down. Whatever was before, ceased to exist, or at least has changed a lot. Whatever we considered stable around ourselves, has changed, or has been changing continuously. However, what is outside, is inside as well and the other way around too.


Things need to change inside ourselves as well.

This is what all this current situation is about. This is what I believe. Everyone has to re-evaluate the way they have been living so far. Which were those automatisms in your life that you did run, based on which you considered your life good and stable. These can turn out now not to be in favour of your wellbeing.

What are those old patterns that you didn’t want to let go so far? They come up to the surface now. Everything that you didn’t want to deal with, that you didn’t want to handle, comes to the light now. It is because you have to solve them, you have to change. You have to change your life, your own self, your soul, your ways of functioning.

If you were too much preoccupied before about others, the outer world, having your focus too much out there, now it can be a huge suffer for you to be alone, not to be able to spin around as before. You are pushed to focus on your own insde and deal with your own fears.

Of course, the “cheating options” are still given, you can project your fears on others, you can pull in people in your life who can seem to replace the things you are missing. But this is not the solution.


Dare to dive deeper in your own “why”-s.

Ask from yourself what the root cause is of that the fear, problem you are facing right now. When was this root cause born? When was the first time in your life you felt this way?


If you have it, please do not stop here! Bringing things to the conscious level is good, but only half of a step. You need to start your way towards the solution. Find that professional helper who can support you in this. With whom you can go step by step, without being stopped by obstacles.

This is what this period is about for everyone, to solve your long-buried problems.

It is time to assess how much your life so far has really been your own one. Did you deal with what filled you with joy and happiness? Did you have people around you who had good impact on you, you soul, your development, who raised you higher? Or did you have the ones who pulled you down, used you and dismissed you? Re-evaluate your human connections.

Also worth checking how you were behaving with the people around you.

Could you connect to them deeply, really, from the bottom of your heart? Did you care about them and their problems or did you connect to them only for boosting your own ego through them? Or maybe you dealt with everyone else’s issues so far in order not to deal with you own. Did you manage other people’s rubbish so that you do not have to touch your own?

Now, you must deal with your own rubbish.

There is no other choice. Pain and fear bursts out with huge strength. But it is not because life is unfair or because someone somewhere ate a bat. Stop blaming others, take the responsibility for your own life.


Only you can solve your issues, noone else.

Noone can save your soul now, only you. If you resist, this period’s energy strikes you even harder; and due to your own choice, in the negative way.


This energy, this huge change works in everyone now. It is everyone’s own proper task to find their inner balance. Which – even if you have it – can be fragile so far. It requires a continuous work to stay in your center, as so many negative effects can reach you.

The most important is however, that this inner own stability can only be created by you, for you. Do not expect the prince on the white horse to knock on your door and say: “I have arrived to save you!”.

Believe it that you are strong. Believe it that you can face the buried blocks, problems. Dare to ask for the help of professionals, who can support you.

Take the responsibility for your own life! Just do it! Change your life into positive! You can do it! You are strong! Believe it finally! ¤


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