The HCT® three-step model

You can find a detailed explanation of what HCT® is, on my website under the “About HCT®” menu. However, if you haven’t tried it before, you may also find it interesting to know what a particular session looks like when you come to see me.

Since one important aspect of HCT® is the ability to adapt to your needs, I would like to note that no two sessions are the same. Because it always depends on the topic you bring, your state of mind, your belief system, which method we use to achieve the greatest possible positive effect on that particular day.

However, HCT® has a general flow that we follow in most cases. And I can best summarise this as a three-step model: Discovering – Deepening – Dissolving.

1. Discovering

    In this first step, we use primarily coaching methods to explore the issue you have brought. Here I aim to get as complete a picture as possible of what it is that you are dealing with. It can be one specific issue, or a group of them. In this phase, we will sort them together and see what is the guiding thread to follow on that particular occasion and possibly on subsequent ones. This is in fact the “getting to know” step, where I can get closer to you and the topic you have brought, and you can get a better overview of your current problem. In this step we also look at the different areas of life where the same theme can be observed.

    2. Deepening

    When it is clear to you and to me both what our focus is for the moment, then comes the deepening of the topic. After all, you don’t always need to work directly with what you first think you should. Here we go into the deeper drivers, the “whys”, the patterns you have brought with you in your life, the automatic programs running in the background, the defining events of the past. This is the part of an HCT® session where we dig until we find the real, deep root cause of the problem. This is one of the most important points. Finding the source of what is causing your problem to exist in the present. Because no problem can exist just by itself, it has to come from somewhere and it has already happened to you various times in your life, as a pattern that comes back to you in different areas of your life. The recurrence of a pattern is always a sign that change, learning and development are needed. In this phase I can also recommend reading materials, either from my own writings or from specialist literature. This can also contribute to deepening the results of the next phase.

    3. Dissolving

    In the previous step, Deepening, we have dug down deep, finding the root cause or causes, or one of the many. But the process doesn’t stop there, this root cause must be resolved. If we didn’t do this, you would be aware of your problem, you would now see the root cause, you would know on a conscious level how to do things differently – but you wouldn’t be able to do things differently (or at least not easily, not without a lot of effort). As this root cause, this block would still be active and still be in operation. So, the third and final step is to remove it, to dissolve it.

    And we can use a number of tools to do this dissolving. This is the part of HCT® where I use a wide variety of mainly alternative methods, depending on what you need there. It could be, for example, guided blockage removal in visualization, healing the issue in meditation, energy healing, astrological insight into the issue, and many more. In addition to all of this, we also keep in mind that based on a holistic perspective, a problem of your soul, an emotional issue can have physical and mental manifestations, so those areas need to be supported as well for the full resolution and healing. If necessary, we will also discuss different options for these areas, which will help the process and its completeness.

    The three phases of HCT® – Discovering, Deepening and Dissolving – are therefore intertwined and form one whole unity. It is through these three steps that HCT® can achieve that you can really address the issue that is causing the ‘emotional symptoms’ and that the root of the problem is effectively dissolved.

    If you have an issue that you can’t deal with on your own and would like to try HCT® to find a solution, please contact me at any of my contact details 🙂

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