During an HCT® session I use both coaching and alternative methods

From a holistic perspective, the starting point for the topic you bring is that no problem exists in isolation, by itself. After all, there is much more to life than what we perceive of it at first glance. It is not possible to concentrate on just one aspect of a problem to be solved, because so many other things are involved.

To truly and deeply resolve a problematic area, you need to look at it in the context of body, mind and soul, to find the root cause of your blockage.

Through coaching methods, we can uncover the issue you have brought, and then by unlocking the deeper cause through alternative methods, you can achieve a long term and real change in your life, instead of a superficial and short term solution.

In HCT® we take an in-depth look at the “why’s”

The speed and depth of this depends on you. It depends on the extent to which you are able to face and resolve the problem then and there, and then incorporate the solution. As the speed of progress is different for everyone, HCT® is tailored to the individual.

HCT® is a complex and compact methodology that gets to the bottom of your problem

This means that even in just a few sessions you can make a significant change to your particular blockage, in those 60-90 minutes per occasion. 

During the HCT® sessions, we use tools and exercises that you can then use on your own at home

One of my main aims is to give you tools during the sessions that you can then use to help yourself, to manage on your own later on. In this way, I can also reinforce in you that you yourself can make a difference in your life.

All the methods I use within the HCT® framework I have used for my own development

Therefore, I know exactly what it is like to be involved in a particular task, to handle a particular issue and what a relief it is to dissolve blockages with these tools. And this personal experience will greatly assist your development during the HCT® sessions.

To whom do I recommend the HCT® sessions?

To anyone who wants to get to the root of their problem, their blockages, and avoid falling into the same damaging pattern over and over again in the future in some area of their life.

To those who want an effective way to work on the area of their life in question and do not necessarily want to commit to a process that takes several years to achieve.

To those who also want to learn various methods to work on their own to improve between two HCT® sessions.

The price of a 90-minute-long HCT® session is 80 EUR.

Your feedbacks about the HCT® sessions

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