Start the new year cleansed

Today, on the last day of the year it is worth consciously let go of the hardships of the past year and start the new one cleansed.

For this, I recommend you a quick visualiation exercise. To do it you don’t have to go to deep mediation for hours or send away everyone from home or go to the desert.

Simply, give yourself two times 5 minutes.

In the first 5 minutes think about the year of 2019 and make a mental-list of all those things, stories, pains, own negative behaviours that you want to let go and instead of which you would like to bring in something new, positive in 2020.

When you have these things, the second 5 minutes come. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in front of your inner eyes. The way you appear is exactly the perfect way – either as if it is a photo of you, a siluette or a stick figure. What matters is that you know that this is you.

amy-shamblen-pJ_DCj9KswI-unsplashImagine that you have a baloon on a string in your hand. In this ballon put all those things that you want to let go, what you have just collected previously. In case the baloon is too small, simply make it bigger, it can contain all these things. And the baloon is still floating as if helium would hold it up.

When you have filled all you wanted in the baloon, let it go and watch it flying away from your space, from your sight. Up until the very last moment, when it disappeares completely, for ever.

When it is only you again in front of your inner eyes, now cleansed from all those things you decided, ask the universe to fill you up with high vibration, positive energy, filled with love. Besides this you can ask for anything else you would like for 2020: happiness, peace, harmony, health, abudance, understanding, patience, balance, positive mindset, energy for proceeding in your life, etc.

Ask for anything you want and see as they appear in your space and stay with you for all along the new year.

Then thank to all of your helpers that they attended this visualisation with you and supported you.

And last, but not least: enjoy it!

I wish all of you a happy, peaceful, joyful year of 2020 with full of abundance! 🙂


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