On the ocean of emotions

Somehow it never seems to go out of fashion. Too much or too little. Either you cannot control what bursts out; or nothing comes out, no matter how much you try. Balance. One of my favourite words. Also, one that makes life so difficult many times.

When the ocean of your emotions is raging, it sinks ships, easily. Equally that easily it can sink connections, relationships. It can sink you. Or turning it the other way around, you can drown into your own emotions. Not seeing clearly, not being able to judge either your actions or that of others. This is really dangerous. You can lose your sense of reality, you can lose yourself. At least for a while, until the ocean becomes relatively peaceful again.

On the other hand, when your ocean of emotions is dried out, you can also find yourself at the bottom of… Well, at the bottom of the dried-out-ocean-pit. Where there are no feelings, just nothing-ness. You might feel empty and aimless.

In a third case, you are having the emotions, maybe you are even aware of where they come from and what their purpose is. However, you are squeezing them behind a glass wall. The ocean-behind-the-wall case, I just invented. You see what is behind the glass wall, but you are so much afraid to have a real connection with them. You are basically afraid of expressing what you feel. Because it is not the right time, not the right place, not the right case, not the right situation. It would be so nice having a hammer in these times and smashing this glass wall. Into tiny little pieces, letting your ocean flow through and give yourself over to these emotions. Letting yourself live them.

I am sure that many of you have felt one of the above cases, or maybe even some other variations.
Letting yourself feel can hurt, yes. It can indeed bring up long suppressed harms of your soul. But if you don’t let yourself feel the pain, you will never feel the happiness either. They can only come hand in hand.

Let your ocean flow, let yourself feel also the happiness! This is why we are born to this world, to this life. 😊

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