Why do you always bump into the unreachables?

Ladies and Gents, this is for both of you now. I believe many of you can find yourselves in the following example. You are craving for love, you wish to find your partner. Very-very much and even more and more as the months and years are passing. However, whenever you bump into someone, that person happens to be unreachable for you.

Either because they live far away from you, or because they are in a relationship, or they don’t even notice you, or because they say “they are not ready for a serious relationship”.

evan-dennis-i--IN3cvEjg-unsplashAt this point you ask the one million dollar question of why me, why again the same situation, why do I always bump into these people? Life and fate is unfair, because I am unlucky, because everyone else is stupid, only I am a helicopter.

Well, you are not a helicopter, I am so sorry.

It is not fate or life doing this to you, not even the pleasant spring breeze blows these people in your way. You do it. You yourself and noone else. You cannot balme the universe, or God, or the neighbour’s dog or the person with whom you are experiencing this. Of course, it is a lot easier to look for reasons outside, fingerpointing at others.


But I help you: search for the reasons inside. Inside yourself.

There is something in there, due to which these people come to your way. You really would like a relationship. But actually you don’t want to have one. Even if this is conscious or not. There is something inside you, because of which you keep yourself the farthest away from any relationship that can potentially become real.


What are you afraid of?

m-t-elgassier-cugryvziO_M-unsplashOf men/women in general? Of commitment? Of having to give yourself up if you step into a relationship? Of real emotions? Of missing out on other opportunities? Of this one ending the same way as your previous one? Of the unsolved parental relationship pattern that you don’t want to play in your own relationship?

Of opening up in front of another person? Of showing to someone that you are not perfect? Of you facing the details of your own imperfections? Of having to care about someone else besides your own self? Of letting someone into your life?

Many other questions could be asked here. Everyone has countless inner injuries. Even if we think we don’t.

Do a little self-reflection, self-inspection. Search for the reason within, why you don’t want a relationship to become real. What would you lose (of course besides the lots of “wins”) if the relationship would happen? These are going to be the thoughts with which you need to work, what you need to solve.

Otherwise, you will keep on running after the unreachables.

And you will never get the reachable. ¤


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