Do you think you don’t deserve it to be good?

You are wrong, my friend. Sooo wrong. You do deserve it to be good. To be easy. To be flawless. To be painless. To be happy. You deserve it all. You deserve to be your true self!

I know, I know – the circumstances are not allowing for you to have it all. But what are the circumstances anyways? What is inside, that is reflected in the outside as well.

Do you think that you need to fight and work hard for all the good things in your life?


Theeere you go, this is what you get. You are welcome. Be careful what you wish for…

Fight after fight, pain after pain. Up until the point when you have had enough of this and deep inside you decide that you deserve more. You deserve your life to be free of all these and finally have it all smoothly.

People will step in your way, no doubt.

This is their task, to show you that it is hard for you. To facilitate it. However, once you are fed up with it and start to feel that you are indeed worth more, they will disappear. They will lose their power over you, so this whole ridiculous game will come to an end.

Do you feel that you are in an unacceptable situation?

Why are you there? Why did you get there in the first place? By now, you maybe have learned the lesson an realise that it is not what you want any more. Why are you still stuck? Diffuse the situation or step out of it if it is not solvable.

Dare to express what you feel, what you need.


Because having feelings, having needs is your (birth)right! You are absolutely entitled to all of them! Express them! Talk about them! Of course, staying assertive is crucial, but if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, feel free to talk about it!

There will always be people who will not get it.

And so what? I tell you what. It is their problem, not yours. You don’t have to convince them to believe what you feel. If they are not there yet, they are not there. Send them love and clarity so that they can get there soonest in their own time. And then do not let yourself being in any pain because of them. We all choose our own life. You do not need everyone to understand you, it is not possible.

Some people will try to convince you that you are not right to feel what you feel.


Oh, yes, of course. The know-it-all people. I looove them soo much. They think they know you better than yourself, they think they know better what is inside you, what you need than yourself.

But hey, come on buddy! This is so much not the case! 


Only you know what is good for you!

And no one can tell you that from outside!


Explore what is indeed good for you.

Explore why you have the hardships in your life.

Allow yourself to decide you have had enough.

Allow yourself to decide the finish up with all the crap.

Allow yourself to step out of harmful relationships, workplaces, connections, anything.

Allow yourself to live an easy life.

It only depends on you! ¤








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