Coaching and astrology hand in hand – interview with Judit Verebes astrologer

In addition to the classic coaching, another significant part of my work is related to esotericism, including the astrological analysis. It has been several years since I had my very own first astrology session with the astrologer Judit Verebes. It opened up a whole new path for me at that time, on which I have been advancing steadily ever since. In the meantime, I also learned astrology from Judit, and then it became part of my job to prepare astrological analysis for my own clients. Astrology works with the exact opposite methodology compared to coaching. The astrologer analyzes the chart, advises, answers questions, while the coach mostly asks the questions. Yet, how are these two professions similar to each other and what are their differences?

You can find answers to these questions and to several others in my conversation with Judit.

Verebes Judit 1.1How long have you been practicing astrology and how did you become an astrologer?

I have been practicing astrology since I was 20 years old and it started with me always being interested in spiritual things. I had been learning something completely different though, I went to university to study pedagogy. A friend of mine and her mom went to an astrologer and they told me how super she was and that I should go too. It seemed very exciting, so I did. The astrologer said based on my chart that she sees that I have very good spiritual abilities and would be very happy to teach me. At that time, I was looking for my own path and decided to start studying with her. When I started to dig deeper into this, I felt I had a lot to do with it. Many things went easily in it that others might learn for a very long time. Of course, I also put in a lot of work in it and learned a lot. But I tuned in quite easily to the kind of analogical mindset that is needed for spirituality and I went with the flow.

How did the full-time teaching later become full-time astrology?

At that time, I was teaching in high school and university as well, which I really liked to do. I still really like teaching. I felt that these weren’t really two separate things. When I went to university, I also wrote my thesis on the topic that what the opinion of the pedagogical trends is about parenting, temperaments, and personality traits from a pedagogical-psychological-astrological point of view. After that the flow took me to that direction. I felt that it was very helpful,

I felt that people were in great need of this kind of guidance and that astrology was a very good and deep personality analysis method.

After my children were born, I no longer wanted to go back to work to the same rhythm as before. I also had more and more clients and somehow it turned out to be this way. It was also a partly conscious decision, which I did not regret at all. Up until the day of today I still teach, it has not disappeared from my life – I teach astrology now. Besides the astrology, I also started working with energy healing. These two things complement each other very well. In addition to this, I learned a lot of psychological things and taught self-awareness and communication techniques for years. This diverse knowledge helps in my work.

I believe it’s good to have several methods on hand, not just one, as there isn’t one specific recipe.

handinhandWhere do you see the connection between astrology and coaching?

I think both help people in their lives. I think coaching relies more on me asking in a way so that you find your own path. In astrology, we look at what energies are present, what they can trigger. And those are the focal points you need to pay attention to, they will help you along the way. Neither takes away your free will. I feel that you are taking your client’s hand differently in astrology. You can see where you are in the tasks you took before you were born. It looks a little more holistically at the commitments and what you should be paying attention to at this moment, in order to get the most out of this situation. I think people really need that now.

Then, in fact, it helps customers find where to focus. At the same time, coaching reveals with questions where the focus should be, as the main feature is the questioning technique. Did you have a situation where it helped that you asked your client and did not give advice?

As astrology is a very strong helping method, in which psychological and pedagogical things also appear, it is not possible to completely separate it from coaching. I need to be able to see how willing the client is to hear the information I see in their chart. On the one hand, I need to feel this, and on the other hand, I need to ask some questions to see where he is in this process, what he can handle. From a spiritual point of view, whoever comes to me wants to know the answer. You shouldn’t even analyze someone’s chart who doesn’t want you to. This process also has a therapeutic nature. Some of my clients don’t only come once a year for a yearly chart analysis, but we look deeper into a period and build a plan for it. This is more related to the coaching technique, the questioning technique. When we choose areas of life to which we add other methods, to see what the next step should be. The combination of astrology and coaching is much more visible here. We check the energies, where he is at that moment and what would be needed for his individual development.

About this, a picture popped up into my mind, as if there were a gate, behind which there are the various paths you could follow. You are the one who makes sure that the client coming to you is already prepared to see these roads and start his way on one of them. You help him choose which is the best way for him.

Yes, this must be a very humble journey. Because I can imagine what’s best for him, but it is not sure that this is really the best for him. On the one hand, it is also a joint work, and on the other hand, I need to provide the guideline then. It’s also a big responsibility and a huge amount of trust on the part of the client. He trusts me to know where I want to get him to.

worm's eye view of trees during night time

This is definitely a big difference compared to coaching. In astrological analysis, the astrologer leads the way and can control things, but in the meantime, you use coaching methods to assess whether he is ready to go where he should go.

Besides these, when we are doing blockage removals, we define the topic together. This is when the earthly and spiritual worlds somehow help this process together. I wouldn’t say that the control is only with me in these cases, but of course I provide a framework to all this. Regarding the methods I’ve tried and used over the years, I need to check at what combinations they can be good for that particular person. I also use a lot of techniques which help to process or dissolve the issues with meditation. It also happens that I combine the astrological positions I see in the chart with dissolving techniques in meditation. These are not mutually exclusive.

I think coaching and astrology go well together. They have elements that can meet very well.

The biggest difference indeed is that questioning is not the most basic method of astrology. It’s very important for me to be able to tune on well to my client, on how he or she can most likely experience the energies that I see in their formula. How this can manifest in their life, and what they should learn from it, in what way. Or where those areas of life are, where it’s not so worthwhile for them to invest energy right now because that’s not what matters at this moment. Annual horoscopes can help a lot in this to see what the focal points are and in which period you need to pay more attention to certain things or when something is easier. I see that it helps a lot to plan a year if you know in advance when you need to be more patient, to be more active, where you can channel the coming energies. It is important that I can also give practical tools to my clients. There are also a lot of practical tools in coaching, through which you examine how that particular thing works in your life. There are these practical things in astrology too, you only get to it in another way.

From the coaching point of view, astrology can be a very good addition. For example, a client comes to you who wants to work with different things, and by looking at his astrological formula, you can plan when it is worth working with which topics from the energy point of view. It gives him some extra support.

Astrology can be used for a great variety of things; it can support many processes. Let it be a life coaching process or a business coaching, for example. Many clients of mine ask for the help of astrology for campaigns, starting businesses, scheduling business steps. It works the same way for these, it helps in these cases as well.

A big part of the coaching is also about how clients can let go of old, unwanted habits and patterns of behavior in order to build new ones. How does this appear in astrology?

When someone gets to the point of asking for outside help, it already indicates that they want a change in their life. When someone comes, it already suggests a kind of openness to hear what they have to deal with now. The clients often already feel that something needs to change, but they need an outside point to trigger them in the process. Because if you hear that if you will deal with this particular thing a lot during this period, it will go easily, it will give them a boost to really start it. I can see that there can be 180 degrees changes when someone hears their own chart and own commitments.


Based on my experience, it happens that someone comes to me for coaching but they don’t really want to change things. Has this happened to you in astrological analysis as well?

Sometimes it happens, of course. But I’d rather see that there are those who don’t even physically get to the analysis. Even if we try to make an appointment, we do not succeed. In such cases, either I am not the right person from whom they need to hear the information, or it is not the right time to hear it. I also had a client who got to the analysis but felt like he didn’t have the strength to deal with what he should have dealt with then. This unfortunately works in such a way, that an option, a gate is only open for a certain period of time and then closes. And maybe it reopens 20 years later only, only then they will be able to work with this topic again. I always say this during the analysis as well.

However, the free will cannot be taken away from anyone. Once they hear the information, it is already in the conscious part of the person and it is their responsibility what they do with this information. I don’t usually experience someone not taking anything with them.

Another match between coaching and astrological analysis is that both are actually a slice of the helping profession. What is your own personal creed for you as a helper?

What is very important to me is to help in a loving way and to be able to tune on to the person. So that I can pass on the information to them in a way that is the most digestible and acceptable to them. A lot of different people come to me and there are those who come very skeptically, they have never been to such an analysis before. But obviously the key needs to be found to everyone.

I feel that coaches and those in any helping profession have a very important role to play now.

People are in great need to get the maximum attention, care, guidance, counseling, or just love, energy in such a session, which they don’t really get anywhere else in their life. This assigns them a certain me-time in the daily rush that they might not otherwise give to themselves. But when they come to me, I like to feel that they are the most important ones to me right now. I think if you love what you do, it will attract the people. I feel that if someone has to come to me, they’ll find me.

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