The sphere of the soul and who sees what from it

While having a conversation with a friend of mine it popped into my mind that people and their souls are actually like a sphere.


Inside the sphere there is a clean, white, glowing inner ball that reflects the pure, true soul.

aszc3bcrke-felszc3adnThis, however, is surrounded on the outside by an uneven, crumbly surface that symbolizes our losses, pains, and disappointments in the past; here we can find our problems, our blockages. This outer rustic part is the defensive surface, with which we close away ourselves, our soul, our true inner self from further pain and harm.

Of course, this outer layer also makes sense, as defence is an important thing. But what if the glowing white sphere is so overgrown by this rough surface that the true pure radiance of our souls can no longer emerge at all? What happens when the inner area is completely closed away and we live only on the surface, by the surface?

That is a big problem.

It means that our lives are ruled by our fears and past injuries. We cannot show our own true self and inner radiance. Because maybe we don’t even remember what it was like when this inner light filtered out through at least a tiny slit and cut the darkness around us like a bright ray.

agc3b6mb-2in1There are people here  who see the below-surface radiance of others.

They know that the given person is better one than they first seem to be. They feel what is deep down there and appreciate it. It’s fantastic that they can see this too.

They are the ones who trust everyone for the first sight until the opposite is proven. Or maybe even after that, they trust and believe that this outer layer can be loosened and the light can be brought to the surface. Even at their own expense. They try again and again. However, sometimes they cannot succeed – but they don’t see it. They put a lot of energy into something that only they want very much, and the person in question doesn’t. But since they see the good beneath the surface, they cannot give up.

But those who do not want it, cannot be saved.

It would be good if these people would sometimes repeat this to themselves as mantras. Maybe a face or two would pop into their minds, whom they should allow to go their own way in their development.

agc3b6mb-2in1-v2Then of course, there are those who only see the crumbly surface.

They only see the defence, bad intentions, attack. They can be people who don’t trust anyone at first, until the opposite is proven.

But is it possible and is it worth living this way, that we see everyone as evil and enemy? Wouldn’t it be easier to assume good things, at least occasionally, and start to trust in at least a few people based on our most inner true feelings? By changing the attitude, we could help ourselves a lot in living our life.

Most importantly, it is worth keeping it in our mind, that under the crumbly outer surface the inner glowing sphere is always present. Whether or not this person brings their own glow to the surface, must be their own decision.

And whether we want to see this, is ours.

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