When the Man throws a bone…

Gentlemen out there, this is for you now, after my last article for the Ladies.  In the past days, weeks, months, I encountered with so many of these situations, that I cannot help writing about it already.

You Gentlemen, living your lives, either in a relationship or being single, it doesn’t really matter from my story’s perspective now. You have Women around you, with whom you – from time to time, or continuously – flirt, to whom you give overly positive feedback, give double-meaning compliments. You do this for the sake of fun, not because you want to conquer the Woman in question. You do it for boosting your own ego, you self-worthiness, as the sparkle in the Woman’s eyes after such a compliment does that to you. This is your pshycological gain from this game.

Because this is a game for you. You need something, you take it.


I call it throwing a bone.

karin-hiselius-ZBwacVR6eF8-unsplashLike for a dog. You throw the bone to the dog, it chews on it for a while, and during that time, it is happy. But when the bone is gone, the happiness is gone. And what reamins for the dog? Craving for another bone.

This is what happens when you throw your compliments, feedbacks and your flirts without meaning it, without wanting to go further. You care about your own gain from this phsycological game and you do not care about what happens to the other party, the Woman. 


Gentlemen, I help you now and let you know exactly what can happen.

The Women, who are not aware of the fact that they are part of a cruel game, they will be confused. They will not understand, why it happens, that sometimes the Man goes closer, they get something from him, and then afterwards the Man turns away from them. And then this repeats: Man giving something, turning away, giving something, turning away – until even the end of times….

Gentlemen, from the Women’s perspective it sounds cruel and a completely confusing situation, right?

Also, what happens to the Women in such cases is that they can start to think that they are worthless, they do not deserve the full attention of a Man, his constant care, his constant compliments. This can undermine her self-confidence in such ways, that you would never believe.



I understand that with this game, you, Gentlemen, do not have the intention of ruining Women. I know that. But what you need to realise, is that this is exactly what you do! This is the price of your ego boosting game, even if you do not see it. 

Maybe you have never thought about it from this angle, as no Women ever came over to you telling you that.


This is why I decided me telling you.

Learn from it! Take into consideration the feelings of others, when you are playing and fooling around! Something, that is only a game to you, can go too deep into the soul of another person and ruin them for a very long time!

tiago-felipe-ferreira-nhzi08RGFEc-unsplashYou don’t want to hurt others? Good! Then stop playing the game!

Respect yourself, respect the Women and do not use them for you own advantage!

You want to be respected as a Man? It starts with you respecting Women. 

You can only get what you would like to, if you also give that to others.

Only then you can deserve women’s respect towards you, if you have something to be respected for. Otherwise, you yourself will also always fall into this trap of being the Man who is not trusted, not taken seriously, not advancing in his personal life.


What do you choose your life to be, Gentlemen? ¤





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