As a wolf in a relationship

a1415002_532056976871352_735517710_oI saw a beautiful picture. A wolf among the Native Americans. Sometime long ago. She was with the people voluntarily. She voluntarily decided to go with them, to accompany them.

She was free, yet a member of the team. She was loyal, yet she remained herself. She walked among the people being full of self-confidence, love and trust. Sometimes she went farther away, but always came back. If it was necessary, she defended her own to the last blood, whom she felt close to herself. She was not the property of anyone and did not consider anyone to be her property. She was all herself on her own and she was equally all herself as the member of the team.

She was complete as she was. She trusted in life, in herself, in her environment, in her connection to the people, to her companions. The wolf accepted them as they were and the people accepted her as she was. That was the way of their great life.

She trusted the Mother Earth, who provided her with food and protection. She also trusted the upper world, which provided guidance. There was a balance of the up and the down in her. The harmony of the outside and the inside. She lived in a blissful connection of trust and self-belief. In tranquillity, in peace, in love.

awolf1Let’s live in a relationship as a wolf. Let’s preserve our own true selves, our freedom, but let’s also feel a deep sense of belonging, responsibility, love, loyalty to the other. Let’s trust in ourselves and through this we will trust in the other one as well. Let’s look at our partner as a real partner who has the same task in his own life. Finding and creating the harmony of freedom and the sense of belonging.

Don’t own the other, don’t let them own you. If the other one is with you voluntarily, with all his heart, soul, body, only then will he stay there.

Freedom, loyalty, preservation of our true self, love, respect, togetherness, trust, self-belief, reciprocity. Let this be our mantra!

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