A real-life interesting chat talk…

This real life chat talk has actually been experienced by me personally. Despite being a very short conversation, it made me think… Raise your hand if you have been in a similar situation before 😉

“- Hello, Beautiful.

– Hello, how are you?

– All good, and you?

– All is great here, thanks a lot. […] What do you do?

– I am a Service Technician. And you?

– I work as a Coach.

– That’s good. […] And can you “treat” men well?

– As a coach I can treat their soul, definitely 🙂

– Well, it is good if you can also treat their body.

– So, you can treat women’s body well?

– It is important for the sex to be good.

– Yes, indeed it is important, but from my end I am also looking for the soul connection with a man, not only the physical.”

***The user unmatched you***

This interesting and rather short conversation happened between me and a man on an online dating platform. I started to think about, how closed the emotional side of such a man can be, who only by the ‘soul’ word being mentioned by me, instantly clicks on the ‘unmatch’ button. When the man doesn’t even have that small amount of respect towards the woman, to tell her that he thanks for the short conversation but he is looking for something else.

Because there is no problem with two people looking for something else.

The problem in this world is that we do not respect the people around ourselves. In this online, relatively unpersonal world many people feel that it doesn’t matter, who cares. It doesn’t matter if I disappear, I do not owe them anything. Well, you do owe actually.

Single men complain about all women being stupid out there, single women complain about all men being stupid out there. But what do those expect, who behave this way? You feel a desire for something, but can you actually give that to the other person?

Whatever you would like to get from others, first, you need to give it towards the world. If you would like to be respected, you need to respect yourself and the people around you. If you would like love, start to love yourself and the people around you. If you would like to have a nice, normal, valuable partner besides you, start to behave like one – because this is the key to improvement.

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