Saturn rules, time of the retreat

kristopher-roller-zepnJQycr4U-unsplashRetreat. It is not advisable to do anything else, even though we would like to. Saturn rules. Whether we like it or not, it doesn’t care at all.

Me watching my first-ever online live concert, the 1ső Pesti Rackák in the closed Szimpla Kert bar without live audience, I was thinking about how can we use these coming times ahead of us which we will need to spend at home. In case we would like to sepnd it with something else than feeling sorry for ourselves, of course 🙂

What quickly has come into my mind:

  1. The absolutely obvious reading. You can dig for the long-time bought, however not yet read books. If some of these are those types from which you can also learn something, that is even better for you 🙂
  2. Watching movies, series. Marathons of them, re-watching old series, nostalgy. Now that you cannot really go to the movies, make your own movie at home! Popcorn, drinks, big screen (if you don’t have the big one, sit close to the small, that will also do it 😀 ).
  3. What I am also doing right now: online concert attendance. Even if a live online concert will not always be an option, still you can search for past ones on the internet. Searching for your favourite band, evening time pressing start, volume up. Your neighbours might not be that happy about it, but when was the last time you had a Metallica concert in your living room? Thaaaat’s it.
  4. Online theater play. It is also an option now here in Hungary and I am sure in many other countries as well. And you can even do it in your pyjama from your sofa! It is worth trying it.
  5. As so far the above things were the ones done while being seated (except from the concert one, during which you may start to dance in the middle of the living room), let’s focus on the balance. So let the next program be some sports, physical activity. It seems obvious that you will not organise a swimming competition at your home with your usual swimming buddy, but there are still some other possibilities. You can find a lot of videos on the internet, you can do muscle trainings, aerobic ones or body art and joga. For these you don’t really need anything, but your own self. The lot of cooking oil you bought so far in the supermarket serves as an excellent weight! As 1 liter is about 1 kg, I recommend a high number of repetition on the excercises with them though. Oh, and I also recommend unopened bottles, otherwise the home-exercising comes together with a massive cleaning after you pour the oil on the carpet 😀
  6. After doing some, you can even either watch some sports. I am nowhere close to being interested in watching sports on any kinds of screens, however if you are, go for it. As the matches and competitions are also being canceled continuously, maybe in this category you will also need to go with the nostalgy, re-watching factor – just like in case of the movies, series.
  7. When you are completely bored in the bermuda triangle of the screens, sofa and online everything, you can even act as an astrologyical Virgo: cleaning, rearranging the content of the wardrobes, throwing out things, organising the remaining ones, washing all of them, cleaning the fugues with a toothbrush in the entire flat. During the time spent at home it is worth putting away the winter clothes and dig out the spring and summer ones. By the time we are “let out”, we will need those anyways 😀
  8. In case the learning by reading was not enough for your healthy brain activity, you can either start 1-2 online courses. On the Coursera site you can choose from a lot of different ones. The worst that can happen is that at the end of this whole thing we will get out of it even smarter. Not a bad option, right?
  9. Do something creative! Write, paint, draw, sew, do DIY, anything, everything. When you are in creative flow, time will pass by unnoticed, believe me. Try it!
  10. Meditate! No need for a special reason. Because you have the time now, even if you didn’t have before. Because if the negative feelings start to take you over, this can help you feel better. Help yourself 😉

+1: Online coaching. Why not? This is also an option. Take the opportunity, take care of yourself, your soul, emotions, your inner tasks. Maybe you will have some time for this now.

We got lemon, let’s make some lemonade! Cheers! 😉 ¤


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