Coaching around the world – HCT has arrived to the USA

In the past years I have been lucky enough to work with people from all over the world. In the pre-Covid times I have delivered soft skills trainings in various countries of Europe, I could travel to Singapore and Myanmar to do the same with Asian audiences. I had the chance to be part of a training in Kenya as well, that being my very first Africa experience ever. At that times, it was great to really travel to these far-away places, meet the people there face to face, get to know them and their culture. While also helping them to improve their soft skills, of course.


Then the year 2020 began, which brought to all of us extreme challenges in the ways of working. This was the same with me too, as a Trainer and Coach. All my work shifted to the virtual space, I could hardly ever meet anyone personally during any kinds of sessions.

However, a good part of this whole change was that even though physically we were closed, in another sense the world opened up.

My work continued even virtually with the different countries all around the world. I delivered virtual training sessions for people from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, India, Japan, China, the United States and from Europe too. I would say that due to the online platform I could reach even more people and cultures compared to the well-travelled years before. And these were only the trainings.


As per the coaching sessions, I also feel grateful for being able to work with an international clientele as well. Even before the year of 2020 I worked with people from Iran, US and various European countries. However, since last year the opportunities have increased significantly. I had individual coaching sessions with people from Turkey, Poland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and some more. All these experiences have broadened my mindset, my view of the world and my practice in helping people coming from very different cultural backgrounds.

I truly believe that even if a Coach is good, even if the method used is great, the culture of the coachee must always be taken into consideration during the coaching process. 

The cultural background of the people determines their ways of functioning in their daily lives and it also determines sometimes the range of possibilities they have in order to solve a life issue. This must always be considered, while doing worldwide coaching.


And now a new chapter has started in my coaching career. The Holistic Coaching Therapy method (HCT) has arrived to the United States as well! I am really looking forward to working with more clients from the US and help also them through my own coaching technique. Working together with Dr. Eric Perry – who is a Clinical Psychologist and Coach based in Los Angeles, California-  is a very exciting new step on my Coach path. I am sure that this collaboration will bring many fantastic experiences to me, for which I cannot wait 🙂

Hello US, please welcome Holistic Coaching Therapy, by Dóri Padla 🙂

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