My dating articles’ compilation

Dating and writings about it is an important topic for all those who are looking for their partner. However, articles about dating can still be interesting for those as well who are actually in a relationship, just so that they can see what is happening ‘out there’ 🙂

Thinking about this, I created a compilation all of those articles that I have written about the topic of dating so far.

Hope you will enjoy them and learn a lot from them as well 🙂


Dating articles on Holistic Coaching Therapy website:

The King of Flirting – 2nd part

The King of Flirting

3 do’s and don’ts of creating a great online dating profile 

The ‘Anxious Monologist’ – 7 things every man can learn from my last (very) bad date

Top 5 epic dating fails of men – from a female perspective

One-night-stand with the Tinder

Extreme date with an extreme narcissist

Experiences of a Speed Dating

A real-life interesting chat talk

The psychological game of ‘floating’ through the example of my dating partner

There you go Gentlemen, it can be done well!

Dating in the time of Covid – a.k.a the appearing-disappearing man

Top(?) tips for picking up ladies – through the eyes of a woman and coach

Starving for crumbs of attention

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