My relationship articles’ compilation

Being in a relationship mostly comes with work – in one way or another. The two people need to work on their own selves, on their connection to each other, on the continuous improvement of their relationship. This can sometimes unfortunately mean struggles as well and people can feel helpless about what is happening and what to do next.

To help those who would like to understand their difficult relationship situation and have some ideas on the resolution of those, I collected below my articles about relationships.

Hope you will find some useful information that can help you. 🙂


Relationship articles on Holistic Coaching Therapy:

Is the agressive man the “real man”?

Is the agressive man the “real man”? – 2nd part

Women only ever want bad guys… – or maybe not?

Women only ever want the bad guys… – 2nd part

The fear of spending time alone

The fear of spending time alone – 2nd part

What is a Man-child & how to tell if you are one!

Toxic women: how to recognize them & what to do about it

Are you living with a narcissist? Signs of this toxic relationship

“If you loved me, you would know that…..” A typical female sentence revealed

Blocking behaviour mechanisms of the relationships

“Women only want money…” Is the stigma true?

As a wolf in a relationship

Experiencing a real-life abusive relationship – Anna’s story

The relationship patterns of the movie ’365 days’

Through a man’s eyes – the happy relationship doesn’t depend on age

„Whatever I do, I cannot make my partner happy…”

The me-time – a.k.a. how to be yourself in the relationship?

Psychological abuse in the relationship

Why do you always bump into the unreachables?

Manly women, womanly men

When the Man throws a bone…

Taking the role of the Saviour in your relationship

Even though you hurt me so much, why is it so difficult to let you go?

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