Change and improvement articles’ compilation

Our whole life is about learning, change, self-improvement. Even if we don’t notice it at every moment, that’s still the case. It happens that we are consciously working on a topic, and sometimes it is ’being worked out’ in the background. Sometimes we cross the river of change easily, but sometimes we struggle with it. It is useful to see in which area of our lives we are facing a change. Awareness is half the success here as well; in which case it is easier to start the concrete process of change and development.

To help with this, I have compiled my articles on this topic for you:

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The emotional blockages of the lifestyle change

The physical and mental blockages of the lifestyle change

The dimensions of the real lifestyle change

Reconnecting to the outside world – after winter and Covid – 1st part

Reconnecting to the outside world – after winter and Covid – 2nd part

Rising through resilience: Savio P. Clemente’s interview with Dóri Padla on the five things you can do to become more resilient during turbulent times

Toxic parents – Their typical sentences and the damage they cause

The pleaser syndrome: signs, disadvantages and the healing process

Changing yourself and your life – Why so painful?

Are you success-oriented or a failure-avoider?

Everyone can only see what they are ready for…

Expectations, that we should let go of

My own five stress relief methods

Cross this bridge only when you get there!

What are all these changes around us?

5 ways how visualisation can help you during a coaching session

5 things you can learn about yourself through your dog

As a grown-up becoming and Adult

The trap of “…but what will others think”

If the past pulls you back

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