Coaching anywhere articles’ compilation

When it comes to coaching, we could believe that it only means the well-known business or life coaching. However, it can be used so much more broadly in many other areas as well. Coaching can be used together with language teaching and arts, complementing physical workouts, during astrological analysis. Coaching helps us a lot to see our issues more from outside, in which even our own pets can teach us a lot – if we consciously pay attention to the situations.

In this article compilation I have collected for you my articles about coaching, its techniques and the areas where it can be used.


Personal Trainer vs. Coach – interview with Dani Kerekes personal Trainer

Coaching and astrology hand in hand – interview with Judit Verebes astrologer

5 ways how visualisation can help you during a coaching session

4+1 coaching places, from the traditional to the extraordinary

5 things you can learn about yourself through your dog

Coaching around the world – Holistic Coaching Therapy has arrived to the USA

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