Career change articles’ compilation

Myself as well being a person who changed her career, I am happy to see that many others dare to be brave and make a big change in their lives. They quit their stable employee jobs – as they feel that it doesn’t motivate them any more – and create something, that is their hearts’ true desire. They start to work on a completely different area of expertise, they create their own business. They dare to start everything from scratch. Taking the leap of faith is a huge thing and it is also not always easy in the beginning.

I wanted to show the good examples to all of those, who are thinking about the same but haven’t decided to make a move yet. So, I contacted various people, who can be a positive example about career change and did interviews with them.

And now, I created for you a compilation of all these articles 🙂


My personal story – interview with Dóri in the Womagic Magazine

It is important to be able to let go of your fears – interview with Zoli Serényi about his career change

My perseverance is what still drives me forward – interview with hajni Kónya about her career change

The founder of the first Hungarian dog wellness park – interview with Szilvi Pochanics about her career change

From a communications professional becoming a „Mrs. Baker”? – interview with Zsófi Major about her career change

I still cannot believe that I’m at such a great place in my profession – interview with Teó Simon about her career change




All of my Article Compilations can be found at this link.

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