Self-confidence and emotions articles’ compilation

It would be so good to live in a world where everyone has their self-confidence at the maximum of the healthy level, where everyone is aware of their emotions, feelings and can communicate and manage them properly. Everyone’s lives would be much easier.

In reality, however, this is not the case. Many people are unaware of how much they are actually worth, under- or overestimating themselves. Many people are not conscious of their emotions, their feelings, as if they were wandering in a blind-dark house with a single piece of burning match in their hands. I think it is important that anyone who is open to development in these areas receives all the necessary support.

I’ve listed my articles on self-confidence and emotions for you, I hope you’ll find some thoughts in it that will help you!



Life without emotions

The fear of spending time alone

The pleaser syndrome: signs, disadvantages and the healing process

The trap of “…but what will others think?”

The danger of the ’love-chocolates’

The Three Graces: self-evaluation, self-esteem, self-confidence

Helping others and accepting help

Growing up un-loved

Starving for crumbs of attention

Emotional energy self-service

Do you think you don’t deserve it to be good?

Reasons of the self-confidence crisis and the recovery process

Hey happiness? Where are you? I am looking for you!

On the ocean of emotions

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